Monday, 30 June 2014

What am I doing?

Hi there!

I've decided on a system that I use with regards to post a new blogpost. There will be 3 blog posts each week!
You can also request what you'll like me to share or discuss with you in the comment section below every blog post :) 

I'm so very excited to take this journey and share my thoughts and opinions with every single one of you ❤️ 

For all those who've read about my claustrophobia, you can share with me and everyone else your experience as well as how you cope with it! 

Check back here on Thursday for some exciting new blogpost! A little birdy told me it's got something to do with food 😉 

Follow me on twitter at @ellysharday for live updates on my blogposts as well as my everyday life :) 

xoxo, elly. 

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