Sunday, 13 July 2014



Today I was on twitter, and I came across something that made me sad. Don't worry, it wasn't anything regarding myself. 

It got me to realise that out of 10 people walking down the street, at least 1 person is inflicting self harm. Please don't do it. Your life is so important. You are important in all of our lives. 

Why do it anyway? Yes, pain makes you forget, but it doesn't mean the problem's gone. Speak to someone. Talk to a person you can trust. Or better yet, talk to a stranger. I, myself, don't like speaking to someone I trust about my problems. I find it better to talk to a stranger who doesn't know you and will be able to give their unbiased opinion and something that you would truly need at that point in time. 

You can even talk to me if you like. Send me an email at and I will definitely respond. Please don't hurt yourself. Or take away your life. Write me an email of whatever you're going through. I don't judge. Vent your heart out. Let all those frustration loose. Love yourself. 

For those who aren't going through this, have some heart for those who are. You really never know what's going on in the person you're next to's life. Just be kind. Smile at strangers crossing your paths, open the door for someone, hold the lift for someone random, you can even stop the bus for the person running to catch it. Simple acts of kindness can really put a smile on the face of another. 

Tweet me your kind act with the hashtag #iamkindtoo or tweet me directly @ellysharday on twitter :) 

xoxo, elly. 

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