Saturday, 23 August 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hi everyone! 

Today's post will be dedicated to the ALS awareness. 

What is ALS? 
ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. It's a disease that causes a person to lose control of their muscles. The disease attacks a person' nerve cells and rapidly leads to total paralysis. 

How can we help? 
All donations made for the ALS is put to research. The link to donate:;jsessionid=2D83EF59B1184E51B8B16D912D7F5311.app295b?df_id=27420&27420.donation=form1

I feel like more people should understand what ALS is all about, and in doing so, it gives us more of a purpose and understanding as to why we're doing this instead of merely joining in with the crowd. 

Basically, the numbness we feel after getting cold ice water poured on us is similar to what those suffering from ALS feel. However, theirs would last till they're taken away from this world and ours for as little as 10 seconds. 

Contribute whatever you can by donating to the foundation or if you are not financially stable, make the awareness more educational and let friends and family know why exactly are they doing this. 

Spread the ALS Awareness now but at the same time, let everyone know what is it exactly about :) 

Tweet me videos of your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge @ellysharday on twitter! 

xoxo, elly.

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