Saturday, 18 October 2014


Hello guys! 

It's been awhile since I've last blogged something. During the course of that one month of hiatus, I did do a couple of exciting things that regards my life. From exams to social experiments. However, before I go into details on what I've been up to, I'll let you guys know more about me. Here's 50 facts about me:

1. My hair is natural frizzy curls.

2. I did keratin treatment for my hair because I could not handle the frizz. 

3. I like cheese.

4. Biting my fingernails help me to relax.

5. I've been to Australia twice. Both times to Perth. 

6. I play Netball. 

7. I have 2 cats. 

8. I don't eat lamb. 

9. I wanted to become a vegan once but I loved chicken too much.

10. The longest a colour ever lasted on my nails was 5 days. 

11. I have a habit of peeling off my nail polish as long as there's a chip.

12. I have no musical bones in my body. Strange thing is my family's very musically talented. 

13. I'm shy.

14. I want to be an astronaut. 

15. I don't get period cramps. 

16. I've never gotten an ulcer; or at least I've never felt the pain of an ulcer.

17. I love board games.

18. I would love to be stranded on an island. 

19. Survivor is my favourite TV series. 

20. I'm not a computer person. 

21. I write blogposts on my iPhone.  

22. When someone is getting tickled in front of me, I feel the tickles. 

23. I hate tickles. 

24. I love spicy food. 

25. I'm still a student. 

26. I don't wear makeup. 

27. I was born in the year 1995. 

28. I've never lit a lighter or matchstick. 

29. I'm afraid of fire.

30. I like the cold. 

31. I love studying the world map. 

32. I don't shower if I'm not leaving the house the entire day. 

33. I buy things when they're on sale. 

34. I wanted to play the violin when I was 7 years old but my parents said no :'(

35. I am not the only child.

36. I love to cook. 

37. My bedroom wall is full of photo frames from IKEA. 

38. I love candles. 

39. I only started watching YouTube in 2012. 

40. I'm an Apple product user. 

41. I don't hate the other brands but I just don't know how to use them. I find Apple more user-friendly to me. 

42. My first phone was a Samsung flip phone.

43. I am 177cm tall. 

44. Alex & Sierra are my go to music. 

45. I collect books. 

46. I don't like to read eBooks.

47. I'm currently writing a book. 

48. I like blue. 

49. I want to travel the world. 

50. I'm scared of airplanes. 

Okay, that's the last one! I really had fun typing this but it definitely started becoming difficult at #12 onwards... Hahahaha I suddenly had nothing I knew about myself!

New post should be up in 10 days but no promises. I'm currently studying so it's gonna be quite tough maintaining both my blog and grades. 

Come back to check if I've published a new blog post soon! Or you can receive updates on whether its live or not at my Twitter @ellysharday :) have a great day! 

xoxo, elly. 

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