Saturday, 25 October 2014



A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in a social experiment where I was thrown into a 3 bedroom apartment with 4 others for 2 weeks. Fun.

Four of us are all from different backgrounds. from being a vegetarian, an only child, the youngest, oldest, and of course different race and religion.

There were 2 twin bedrooms and 1 single. My housemates and I drew lots to see who's allocated to which bedroom, noting that everyone was eyeing the single room.

I managed to get the single room! YIPEE!

Getting back to the "experiment", the five of us were not allowed to leave our apartments except for a total of 5 hours for that 2 weeks. We had to make sure that we used that time wisely as we could potentially leave ourselves to starve if we don't plan on how we're going to arrange the food part of this.

We spent about 3 hours total in getting our groceries, mind you, we only had a little fridge in the flat. One good thing was that I was the only one who knew how to cook, so that was great as I had the 'power' to choose what to buy for food.

Our main source of food: Pasta.

The two weeks was not a great experience. Some of my housemates did not know how to clean up. Sweeping the floor (yes, it was not carpeted), mopping or even wiping. It was astounding that these people were all in their teens, early adulthood and yet they have no idea how to keep a house clean.

I cannot actually say much about the activities we had to do but it was quite strange. We earned points and the more points we accumulated the more presents we get. oh, there were several other groups taking part in this 'experiment'. It's quite funny how none of us were allowed to interact with anyone else in the building but for the people we're living with.

I honestly would never want to live with them ever again. It was horrible and I prefer living on my own or at least with someone who knows how to take care of themselves, hygienically .

That's about all there is to know about this little experiment. I would definitely take part in this again but not with the same people.

I have more adventures during my hiatus. Do check back soon!

xoxo, elly.

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