Saturday, 5 July 2014

Today I...


Today I had a really long but exciting day! I'm thrilled about what my future brings to me and am so thankful for the things I'm getting. 

I started of the day at 8am. Showered and had breakfast, the usual (read the previous blogpost), and left the apartment and headed off to my first meeting. Saying it was great is an understatement. 

After lunch, I came back home and made lunch. This time I have a picture. 

I made a chicken burger with some chips and my lunch date had a quesadilla. 

At 3pm, I had an interview for something quite important and then I went shopping.

At 7pm, I reached home, changed and headed off for my bestfriend's birthday party. Hung out with a couple of my friends and had some lychee mojito. It's amazing. I didn't stay long though, yes I'm not a party animal. Hahaha 

And now I'm home, typing this out for you :) 

That's about all. My next post May or may not be about cats. I've gotten a couple of requests on pets. And you'll know about them on Monday! 

xoxo, elly.

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