Friday, 8 August 2014



In my previous post, I mentioned my purchases at random stores during my journey from one location to the other. 

My first purchase: Maybeline 145 Plaza Pink. 

It was my first time trying this. I really liked the colour. It gives off the best natural look. I'm not one who downs make up every day, but with this, it simply gives your lips some colour that doesn't make you seem to be too contrasty to your skin tone. I actually love it so much that I use it regularly hahahaha. I wouldn't recommend this to all skin tone, however, you can try it and check if it goes well with yours. One mistake that most girls do it that they just buy any colour lipstick that looks lovely from far but when they actually use it, it doesn't quite match. Just check the colours out before buying and remember, natural is always sweet :)


The next store I walked into was The Body Shop.

From left to right: 
Aloe Gentle Facial Wash
Argan Oil Body & Hair Moisturiser
Passion Fruit Shower Gel
Shea Butter Shower Gel
Wild Argan Oil Moisturiser Cream

I bought the Aloe Gentle Facial Wash because I have a sensitive face, and this actually helps moisten the face unlike many others that leave me with a dry but oily face.

The Argan Oil Body & Hair Moisturiser is really great! Leaves hair shiny and smooth which is great for the weather here where it's always humid and dry despite wet weather. It also leaves your skin gentle to touch. 

The Passion Fruit and Shea Butter Shower Gels were something I initially bought from my previous visit to The Body Shop for a friend's birthday which also included various other items. I loved the Passion Fruit so much that I just had to buy it for myself too! Hahahaha The Shea Butter has a really soft feel when I tried it during a sleepover. 

The last item I bought was the Argan Oil Moisturising Cream. This is similar to the earlier one but it's less oily so it's more of a frequent use and also not for hair. I tried to use it for my hair but it was the same outcome as compared to the earlier one. It does make the palm of your hands feel great though!

Next to The Body Shop was a bookstore! I just had to walk in. Came out with a new purchase. Bought Ellen Degeneres' Seriously... I'm Kidding. Haven't started on it yet. I plan to read it during my plane ride next week! 

That's about all for my little random haul! A new post will be up soon! Do check back often! Also, you can follow me on twitter @ellysharday for updates on my latest blog posts :) 

xoxo, elly. 

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